Milo & Me

Dog walking service

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Do I have to drop our dog off to you and pick them up?
No, our service includes both pick up and drop off.
Does someone have to be home when you collect and drop off our dog?
No, if you supply us with a key we are happy to collect and drop off your dog in your absence.
Does a 45 minute walk really mean a 45 minute walk?
Yes, absolutely.  Any time taken to pick up and drop off your dog will not eat into their walkies time.  Your dog will always get a full 45 minute walk.

What happens if there is a problem with my dog?

We will contact you immediately to discuss any issue with your dog.  If you are unavailable we will leave a message and take your dog to the vets at which they are registered.

What is different about Milo & Me?

We pride ourselves in making your dog happy, but so do lots of other local dog walkers.  What sets us apart from the rest is we make every effort to make the owners as happy as their dogs.  We understand that you’d much rather be out enjoying a walk with your furry friend than being stuck at work so we try to keep you in touch with what’s happening on their walks.  We post regular photos and updates to Twitter, Facebook and the website detailing where your dogs been, who they’ve been playing with and what they’ve been getting up to.