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Down but not out

Posted on June 19th, 2015 by Chris Davies

Hi All.  Milo here.  For those that don’t know I’m currently recovering from some pretty major surgery.  On Tue 16th June my human noticed that I wasn’t feeling myself.  I’d been struggling with the heat and I couldn’t stop panting.  After a few hours I started to get a bit wobbly and wheezy and I just couldn’t settle.  My human had seen enough and called the emergency vet to tell them his concerns.

After arriving at the vets the humans started talking about something called heat stroke when I started dry heaving.  For some reason my stomach started to swell and I was rushed into theatre.  I thought I was going to watch a show but it turned out to be a very different type of theatre.

The next day I woke up feeling really poorly and I had drips and bandages hanging off me.  I heard the vet on the phone to my human telling him I’d had something called a twisted gut or ‘bloat’ as it’s also known.  It turns out this is the 2nd biggest killer of us dogs after cancer.  It had caused my spleen to rupture which in turn caused lots of internal bleeding.

Apparently if my human hadn’t taken me to the vets when he did I’d be dead for sure.  Thankfully we just made it in time and there’s a good chance I’m going to make a full recovery.  I really love my human!

If there’s any humans out there reading this, please make yourselves aware of what bloat or twisted gut is.  A simple internet search will tell you everything you need.  If you know what the symptoms are you’re more likely to get your dog the treatment he needs before it’s fatal.

To all of my doggy friends, hopefully I’ll be back out to join you on walks in a month or so.  In the mean time I’m restricted to office duties :o(