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Milo … the best in show!

Posted on May 1st, 2015 by Chris Davies

Last week something amazing happened.  Human and I had taken a trip to a local dog show to shamelessly advertise our new dog walking business when, after watching the first few rounds of the dog show, human approached the man sat at the check-in table and asked if there was a ‘drooliest dog’ category.

After the man had picked himself up off the floor from laughing at the humans hilarious joke, he graciously suggested that I should be entered into the ‘dog the judges would most like to take home’ category.  Human begrudgingly handed over the entry fee and half an hour later I was strutting my stuff around the arena with 50 other dogs.

As the winners were being announced neither me nor the hilarious human were prepared for my name to be called out in first place, but it was!  Human was so happy.  Shocked, but super happy!  After picking up my rosette (which unfortunately was not edible) we were told to hang around as we’d need to enter the ‘Best in Show’ category at the end of the day.

It seemed to take forever for the final to arrive, especially because human was being all soppy rubbing my ears and telling me how proud he was.  Eventually my big moment arrived and I sat there with 5 other good looking mutts trying not to drool too much.

In an effort to stop a long story becoming even longer, I won!  I actually won!  After 3 years of listening to hilarious humans make jokes about me having a face only an owner could love, I was a Best In Show dog.  Woof!  Just Woof!